About Flightspace

Flight is the place to share the joy and art of flying with thousands of pilots and millions of aviation enthusiasts all over the world. Modern pilots in their modern airplanes create gigabytes of data that prove their achievements, remind great moments and ultimately constitute their experience. And experience is almost everything in flying. It is the aviation greatest asset. So nobody should let to loose any bit of it.

In the past it was hard to collect all these valuable information and even harder to keep it for yourself, not to mention to share it with others. But today we have Flightspace – the place in the global network, where you can store all your flight logs, attach your pictures and share your videos.

Flight trackPilots live to fly. Time on the ground is just a break in what we love the most. That’s why we organized all data around the most important events in pilots’ lives – flights. can make order in your files completely automatically. For example, when you upload your engine logs (from Garmin 1000, Cirrus Perspective by Garmin or Avidyne avionics) and later you add some pictures or videos, will match your pictures and videos with respective flights and will even place them on your flight track. Even if you forgot where the picture was taken or film was shot, Flightspace finds out and remembers this for you.

When all the data are in place, you can easily share your achievements in aviation with others. It is your decision how much and if at all you want to share - we respect your privacy. If you wish, the entire world will know about your recent flight in a matter of seconds. Flightspace enables users to share flights publically and comment flights of others. Even more, Flightspace is fully integrated with Facebook. Thus, you can sign up and then login to Flightspace with your Facebook account seamlessly. Your Flightspace entries can be placed on your wall, for your Facebook friends to enjoy.

Flight trackBut is much more then that. From your avionics log you can learn a lot about your plane and your flying. It was quite hard for a long time, but now does that for you. Under “View” link you can find full analysis of your flight data. If any value went out of the normal operating range, you easily discover it there. So even if something did not draw your attention while in the air, you can easily analyze it when sitting on the ground. Numbers are good, but moving pictures are even better. Go to “Animation” tab and you will see your flight “replayed” on the Google Earth. Providing your avionics records these values, your plane will even roll in the turns like it does in the real flight!

There are many more great things about Discover them on your own. Try it and test it. And remember, this is just the beginning. So please send us your comments and suggestions that help us making even better.